Monday, March 9, 2009

Springtime Change

It's not just the clocks that are springing ahead. Suddenly after weeks of waiting for something to happen in the garden, so much is going on outside. All over the garden, plants that have finally lost their blanket of snow are bursting out of the soil. One of the reasons we northern gardeners plant bulbs is their thrilling , rapid growth. Blooms are soon to come!

Ed set up a new compost bin. The first fresh kitchen scraps were ceremoniously dumped this morning. Today, the first blue birds made their appearance atop the nest boxes outside the kitchen window. I wasn't entirely sure at first , but then I got a flash of brilliant blue.The cleaning of the nesting boxes went directly to the top of Ed's to do list. The contents of the boxes was mostly old nesting material from last year. Ed did have to evict one squatting tenant. A mouse had set up a nest in one of the boxes. The white fluff you see in the compost bin is the nest. She must have worked quite hard on it. It appeared to be made of little balls of plant material, perhaps milkweed or goldenrod fluff. No matter, the bluebirds have an ironclad lease on these nest boxes. Eviction is not negotiable! The beautiful bluebirds have until the arrival of the tree swallows to choose their nest site. The boxes are placed in twos so that tree swallows can nest in one and bluebirds in the other. It's a system that works well!

I was outside inspecting the garden and then walked down the drive to see Ed's progress on the wall by the wild cherry tree. A group of geese flew overhead, flying very high in the sky and going north. Even looking through the branches of the wild cherry tree you can see this was quite a large group. It must have been the fourth or fifth group to fly over so far today. Having left the wall long enough to have lunch, Ed is back out there now. He'll probably be out there until sundown unless rain dampens the fun.

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