Friday, March 6, 2009

Fresh Surprise

My outside walk took me to the back of the property. This area is in the shelter of a pine tree covered ridge. Daytime sunlight does not directly shine here. When walking across the meadow toward the area one reaches a point where the air is noticeably colder. The tracks in the snow suggest a fresh kill. The red stained snow supports that speculation. This was clearly the recent work of coyotes.

Near the area of the kill was a frozen venison steak. There were no bones anywhere in the area. Basic common sense dictates that one not linger at the site of a fresh kill. The new owners may be nearby. After a cursory inspection of the area I was gone from there. Scenes like this cause me to question the wisdom of walking about in this relative wilderness armed only with my wit and a smile. Any discussion of a weapon ends quickly. Becky is confident that the most likely outcome of me walking with a gun would be a self inflicted wound. I have to hope that these killers keep themselves well fed.


GardenJoy4Me said...

I have to ask .. thought this is rather an unlikely post I would have picked because it is sad but curious to me at the same time .. so this is a kill by coyotes ? .. Do you have quite a few near by ? Do you have any wolves ? .. sorry .. I'm just curious about it all .

buedamau said...

for sure they were long gone, they wouldn't want to share their prey with a human! even so wild animals feeding or with youngs are a thing to avoid..
that's me taking from a safe distance of course ;p