Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just A Trim Please

No, it's not Cousin IT. This is one of my lemon grass plants. We are definitely having a bad hair day. No maybe it's more like a month. It's time for a trim! I talk to my plants sometimes, but they keep mum.. Wouldn't it be nice if this plant could say, " Just make it all one length, I'd like to be 14" tall this time." That not being the case I just get the shears and begin. I give a nice pep talk while I'm working with tales of spring , fresh air, sunshine and warm all day rains. Perhaps the pep talk is for me. After I'm finished cutting, I remove any dead plant material I notice and give my plant a nice drink.

Now isn't that better? Ooops I guess my trim is not so even. Still, I think I'll stop there. I can always take a little off the top later when I want a nice cup of lemon grass tea.

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