Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Too Much Temptation

I can't even count the total number of garden related catalogs sent in my mail. Today there were four. When this new catalog came it really caught my eye. Look at the title, "Roots and Rhizomes". What a great name for a nursery! Next I checked for their location, Wisconsin, in zone 4. Wow that's the same zone as me! The catalog suggests that they grow at least some of what they sell. Oh my, hardy chrysanthemums field grown in zone 4. Their Siberian iris collection is the largest I have seen. Angelica gigas is an old friend lost long ago. Purple single delphiniums bred for hardiness fairly jumped off the page. For two flower starved gardeners trapped in the house by ice and snow, the outcome was a foregone conclusion. We finished an order, and called it in today. They told me that their catalogs are gone. If you didn't get one, you'll have to look at it online.

I must tell you I have never heard of this place before, but I have high hopes and expectations . Anyway, I love to get a box of plants in April. It's part of the thrill of spring gardening.


J said...

I agree with you: too much temptation! Roots & Rhizomes is affiliated with Jung (as is McClure & Zimmerman; the two catalogs arrived on the same day at my house). I've ordered from McClure & Zimmerman before; was moderately pleased at the quality of the bulbs I received. I'll be eager to hear about your experience with Roots & Rhizomes! The catalog text is great, for sure (as it is with McClure & Zimmerman).

Bluestone Perennials and Old House Gardens are my favorite nurseries. I like White Flower Farm, too, but I find them awfully expensive.

I'll be putting in my orders soon—not as much as last year, because we're watching our pennies—but there are two or three things I'd love to have!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Absolutely a thrill to receive plants in the mail girl ! .. I love the ingenious names some of the companies come up with .. and my heart is quickly captured by a great showing of plants hardy to zone 4 and below .. now they are my kind of smile ! LOL
There is a Canadian company between more south from me called Floral and Hardy .. they are fantastic : )
Love seeing posts like this .. I'm not alone in the seduction of mail order plant companies !

tina said...

This catalog is a keeper. They have the plants very well marked. Do let us know if you order. I haven't ordered from them yet, but might.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

How exciting for you! Living where you do, the anticipation of colorful blooms sounds as if it's just what you need!! Hope they turn out to be what you're hoping for!