Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Last Of The Copras

Preparing today's pumpkin soup for lunch did it. I used the last of the copra onions. Nothing remains of the braid but the string and dried stems. I'm surprised and pleased to have red onions store this long. With the copras gone, the red onions won't last now. I still have lots of potato onions and shallots. I'm so glad because it pains me terribly to have to buy onions in the store.

It's a sunny , blue sky day. With the new snow it's downright dazzling out there. Right now there are drips from the eaves on the south side of the house, but nothing yet on the north side. Perhaps this afternoon the temperature will creep above freezing and melt some more snow.

Ed just came in from outside. Soup's on!

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