Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brown Grass and Mud... WooHoo!

Not every gardener can comprehend my excitement about getting to see brown grass and mud. It' s one of the great things about 4 season gardening. The change is always so thrilling.

What an incredible improvement from yesterday! Ed spent most of yesterday working on the driveway. First he spread dark sand so the the sun could heat it up to melt down into the ice. Once the ice was pitted he had a chance to break it up and push it to the side with his shovel or his tractor. Mother Nature was on his side this time.The warmer temperatures and Ed's persistence changed yesterday's glacier into this lovely broken- up ice and mud.

Just a couple more days of this and the driveway will be all ready for the next snow storm. Of course there will be more snow. It's only February. Still it's really nice to be able to drive down the hill instead of sliding.

I had a special surprise today. We stopped to pick up the mail and I thought I saw a bluebird sitting on the barbed wire fence. We came up the driveway and indeed there was a flock of male bluebirds making their first, but oh- so- very -welcome appearance here. Now that's what I call a harbinger of spring.


queenofseaford said...

Man, while I understand the joy of knowing spring is coming, I just cringe at all that mud (I have three dogs...!)

Pusepilde said...

Oh, yes! I understand your excitement over that mud and brown grass. Especially when there's some winter left. Enjoy!