Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just a Hint of Spring

Our three day February thaw turned out to be nearly perfect. Some of the winter's snow is on its way down the river to the Chesapeake Bay, but dire predictions of rain, flooding , ice jams and high winds turned out to be overblown. The garden is not really uncovered except in a few places where the snow was thin. On some south facing slopes there are places where the deer can find grass to eat .

The driveway is beautifully clear of ice. There are still a few little slick spots, but what a difference since Monday. This morning a thin layer of "sap snow" covers everything. A picture of a local farmer and his grandson hanging sap buckets is featured above the fold in the local paper. We should be entering that period of warmer days, and below freezing nights that are perfect for the local maple syrup producers. More snowstorms will come , no doubt. Sometimes March has some interesting surprises here. As far as the weather is concerned, I could not have wished for a better week!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your long driveway has thawed. :) Everything looks so much more like spring, even here -- but as you pointed out, I'm sure March has some surprises in store. :)

Anonymous said...

"Sap Snow", I've never heard that expression, but I love it. I knew right away what you meant!