Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Growing Between A Rock and A Hard Place

Except for the night time rabbit and deer frivolities , there is not much happening in the garden. Here the end of February can be like that. I have my seeds. The packets are all alphabetized, but it's too soon to plant. We would only plant onion seeds now, but we will be using purchased plants this year after last year's successful crop.

The sun is out and the weather is warming a bit. The north side of the house is dripping. I wandered around looking for something interesting to photograph. Over on the south facing hill there are many surface stones that have been in place for a long time. I find the plants that grow directly on stones without benefit of soil fascinating. The growth on this stone reminds me of a coral reef.

The flowery growth on this stone is very flat and lacy looking.

This stone at the base of an oak tree has similar growth. I have not made a study of plants the grow directly on rocks. That's a project for another winter. Thankfully there's not enough winter left for that this year!


Anonymous said...

We have similar lichens and mosses here, and I think they're so beautiful. Delicate almost. It's nice to find something thriving this time of year.

Michelle said...

The lichens are very pretty. I particularly like the one with the little cups.