Friday, February 20, 2009

Another Snowy Day

It's snowy and the temperature is in the teens today. Most of the snow fell yesterday. Ed plowed the driveway, again! The rabbit that seems to be living under our porch took off like a shot when I shoved the snow off his "roof" . His speed and the huge distance between the tracks he left in the snow was astounding!

Looking across the valley to the north it is windy, snowy and cold. The far hill on the other side of the valley is obscured by falling snow. We spent considerable time watching a hawk in the Norwegian spruce trees. Shielded from the north wind, the beautiful hawk sat in the tree puffed up with her white and tawny feathers blowing up like Marilyn Monroe's skirt. I watched through the binoculars until she flew away. The bird is in the picture if you can find it. Later in the day different hawk was sitting in the same spot. It must be a prime perch! It has the comfort of a stand of spruce trees for shelter with a wide angle and long distance view.

I checked last year, and it was March 7th before winter closed in on me, and I reverted to childhood putting a garlic clove in water to watch it grow. This year I didn't make it to the end of February, and it was a carrot that ended up in my kitchen window. Perhaps a clove of garlic will join it there.

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