Sunday, February 15, 2009

It's 10:00 AM. Do You Know Where You Are?

Here in no particular order are openings in the garden wall. All three of these pictures have a lot in common. They all show that the critters are in and out of the garden on a regular basis. They all show the snow shrinking away from the stone walls. They all show shadows. They are all taken from outside the garden square looking in.

So what's different here? The shadows are very different. The amount of shrinkage of the snow pack from the stone walls is different. Finally the direction the I am facing to snap the pictures is different. The north opening in the garden wall is not shown. That is where the wide opening for the patio is. The other three directions are represented.

So Sherlock, which direction are you facing and why? I wouldn't want anyone to be lost in the garden!


Sylvia said...

OK I'm going to try this. The first picture you are facing west. In the second you are facing east and in the third you are facing north.

Becky said...

1. north, sun over right shoulder 2. east, sun from inside the wall to the right 3.west, sun from the left over my right shoulder.
I didn't think I was writing a bad SAT question. The wall shadows show the position of the sun which at 10:00AM was in the south east. Bonus points for Sylvia for trying. Her reward will be decided later!

Sunita said...

You've got an animal highway in your garden! Do you ever see them commuting?

Becky said...

I seldom see them. I think they are on the night shift.