Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Warm Enough For Walls

Things are warming up a bit in the middle of the day. Yesterday the first robin was spotted alongside the driveway. When I went outside around lunchtime I found Ed here at the base of the big cherry tree that stands alongside the driveway. This wall marks a corner of our property. The cherry tree actually belongs to the neighbors.

Some places still have a covering of snow. In other places stones are still frozen to the ground. The surface stones here were loose so Ed found a place to work and this was it. After cutting off a pasture rose, he put a few more stones on this wall. It was a wonderful start to another season of wall building.
A chipmunk chattered in loud protest when he picked up a stone uncovering a cache of cherry pits. Like any housewife undergoing renovations to the house, the chipmunk found the process , the upheaval and the workman annoying. In the end there will be more space added to her conveniently located home.


Anonymous said...

I love to see Ed's walls! He really enjoys building them doesn't he? How did he learn?

Becky said...

He sure does! He started as a kid building dams in a stream near his home. Books (Charles McRaven is good) , observing the work of others, and lots of practice have been it.He never had lessons, but if there is a stone-wall-building gene , I think he has it!