Friday, February 27, 2009

Spring's There Under The Snow!

The sun warmed things up nicely today, the temperature climbing into the high forties. Nearly all of the garden is still covered with snow, but I put on my boots and Ed and I walked the garden paths anyway. The snow is shrinking away, and you can see at the base of the Russian sage in the center of the garden square that buds are popping where they were covered with snow. This is a well timed reminder for me that snow is so good for perennial plants here.

Russian sage with it's gray foliage and lavender flowers is a favorite plant . It has the center spot in the garden square for that reason. All this new growth is very encouraging. With luck it will make a great centerpiece for the garden. It's off to great start!


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Becky ! Things are looking GOOD there .. I love my Russian sage .. I have the large standard and the little "guy" and can't imagine having a garden without them : )
So nice to see the buds girl !

Michelle said...

Spring IS on the way! Such a versatile plant, it even grows here in CA.