Friday, January 23, 2009

Fresh, Really Fresh, Ginger

My ginger plant is doing much better in spite of the snow just outside the window. I am totally thrilled, and I owe it all to Sunita.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be getting plant advice from India , halfway around the world, but so it is. It's all quite magical! Just one click on her name and you go from the cold of Upstate New York to a fascinating tropical scene.

All I had to hear was that ginger comes up during monsoon season and I knew that more water was the missing ingredient for my ginger plant. With the additional water, not only are new stalks forming, but the rhizomes are growing too. I love cooking with "fresh" ginger. I wonder just how long it has been since the ginger root I can buy has been growing. I can hardly wait to try this really fresh ginger. The trouble is I only have one plant. I'll be checking out the organic ginger when I get to the health food store for more rhizomes to plant. This year I'm going to have my own little ginger plantation!


Sunita said...

Have fun, Becky! I love it that you're trying out something thats new for you. I hope you get a bumper crop of ginger this year :)
Maybe next time you can try growing turmeric... very similar to cultivate. Just giving you ideas ;)

Sunita said...

Becky, here we normally plant the ginger inside little heaps of soil. Prevents excess water from accumulating, plus encourages the growth of more ginger rhizomes.

Daphne said...

I always wondered if we could grow ginger up here and get enough to make it worth growing. I'm hoping you get lots of ginger. If so I'll have to plant some.