Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thyme for a Trim

We went out to the garden early this morning. After last night's thunder storms everything is wet, the humidity and temperature are up there. Ed went to pick blueberries and I started in cutting back things that are finished, and pulling all those weeds that seem to be growing and going to seed before my very eyes.

When the sun got to be too much, I went to work in the shade. We don't have a lot of shade here, but in the morning the patio on the west end of the house is in the shade. I'm trying to get red creeping thyme started there. I got the clippers and gave the plants a close trim. Thyme plants need to be cut back after flowering to keep them in shape. In past years I put the thyme clippings in the compost. This time I had one of those light-bulb-over-your-head moments. I weeded the remaining places where I want the time to grow, and spread the thyme clippings there.

Planting seeds where you want plants to grow is hardly a new idea. I've been moving chervil and dill around the garden that way for years. I just make a nice place in the dirt and lay the seed heads there. It works like a charm. Let's hope it works for the thyme. It would be so much easier than transplanting little plants.

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