Thursday, July 17, 2008

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

We had valley fog this morning and the dew on the smoke bush was dazzleing. Unfortunately like Monet trying to catch the transitory light, I just couldn't seem to capture the moment with the camera.
This picture is taken more in the middle of the day. The wispy plumes are pink. I wish I had a picture of the bush in the evening when the reds and yellows in the garden get so vibrant. It is even more gorgeous then. I've tried, but the pictures just don't capture the color of the light.

This particular smoke bush was a gift from Phyllis. She offered it, and I couldn't say no. I knew someone who had a gorgeous specimen, and I always wanted one. At that time we were short on space so the bush got planted where it is now. It's not a in a perfect spot, and it needs propping, but when I look out the window in the morning and see the hummingbird perched on that one dead branch, and those beautiful plumes, I couldn't love it more!

If you ever get a chance to get a smoke bush grab it! It puts on a spectacular show. Why I would even go to a nursery and buy one!

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