Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Our Scented Garden and Peas

Yesterday was a hot summer day. It’s been dry here, and the plants were beginning to look as wilted as I felt . Ed spent a little time in the garden in the morning hilling the potatoes and doing some weeding, but it soon became too hot to be fun.

Last evening we ventured out to look at the garden , get some air , and take advantage of the evening scented plants. Ed walked by the compost pile to check the bird feeder and heard a blood curdling shriek from me. Now it could be anything that causes this. It’s an involuntary thing with me caused by the unexpected, a mouse, a snake, anything. In this case it was a skunk on top of the compost pile just about shoulder height where Ed was walking. I guess I scared the skunk. He looked at me and then sort of hunkered down to make himself small. That gave Ed a chance to get out of there. Needless to say we retreated back inside house , feeling like it was our lucky day. That was not the scent we were after! We watched the skunk saunter off after we were safely behind the glass of the bedroom window.

This morning it was pea picking, shelling and freezing day. We opened the cage, picked the peas and put the vines in the compost. I like shelling peas. It takes me back to my childhood. Processing food from the garden is a very satisfying experience. Best of all after a cloudy morning , we are getting some real rain. The plants are looking greener and happier by the minute.

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