Monday, July 28, 2008

Crazy About Pickles?

Why in the world would anyone grow so much dill? I do like pickles and a dill sauce is nice, but that is only a small part of it.

Here you have the little devil who made me do it. This is the black swallowtail butterfly that uses dill as caterpillar food. When I saw those green , black and yellow caterpillars, I just had to leave the dill plants growing even though they are crowding the lavender plants. These butterflies are gorgeous. This newly hatched one was very hard to catch with the camera. Actually he's still moving!

There is a window when no caterpillars are on the dill. If I pull the dill now what will the next generation eat? Looks like the lavender will stay crowded. These butterflies are the most wanted.

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