Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bee Balm, the Downside

It's not quite as hot today, but the humidity is unbelievable. I can't tell if there are clouds or if we are just in one. Everything is wet including me.

My bee balm is now showing its Achilles heel. I swear there was no sign of this powdery mildew yesterday. Humidity brings on the powdery mildew and bee balm gets it. We don't use chemicals in the garden. When the plants finish blooming, I will cut them to the ground and clean up all the plant debris.

I guess I should have mentioned this before, but the truth is I get so enthralled with the color, bumblebees, hummingbird moths and butterflies that I totally forget about the downside for this plant. Even with their spotty leaves, the Monardas still look fabulous from a distance!

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