Sunday, May 11, 2008

Good Morning Garden

I love the way the garden looks in the morning when it's still in the shade of the hill. It's all misty and wet with dew. There's even a rabbit right next to the patio behind the bench. (Shh. E.F is still sleeping.)

The area where the sun has reached looks very different.

We spent yesterday visiting my daughter. It was a Mother's Day and her birthday celebration. We had a very nice trip. Just past the end of the driveway, the fox ran across the road with something brown in his mouth. It's nice to see him in the neighborhood. Whatever that brown thing was, he's welcome to it.

When we stopped at a rest area, I made a small spectacle of myself looking at a halo around the sun. It's like a circular rainbow, and a sight not often seen. I wanted to get a good look, so I was standing there with my arm up and my hand covering the sun. One or two people stopped to join me. Others looked at me like I had just lost my last marble.

We passed by an area that has recently experienced a forest fire. The earth is blackened, but some of the trees are leafing out, and I saw a few Canada May flower leaves pushing up through the black along the edge of the fire area. It will be interesting to see that area come back. Nature is amazing that way.

We had a nice dinner and a wonderful time playing in my daughter's garden. Her garden is in the woods as opposed to our garden in the middle of a field. She is just getting started. I hope she finds it fun.

We saw a bald eagle on the trip home, you've gotta love that. Ed brought in some of the plants for the night. It was a little chilly for some of them to stay out. That was the extent of our contact with our garden yesterday. It looks like it had a fine day without us.

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