Saturday, January 15, 2022

Below Zero

Our winter has been unusual in several ways.  January is half gone and we have yet to see a significant snowfall, but an ice storm of some size did make walking and driving treacherous.  Today and tomorrow will both feature below zero temperatures.  That fact is what pulled me into the great outdoors for pictures of a frozen waterfall and a partially open stream.  This stream has had a strong pull on me to explore it but the steepness of ground has kept me away.  So this view from some distance and a safe return to our home is all that we have.

We have lived in this area for decades but have shown little interest in local history.  It is possible that this rather small stream is named Fred Smith Creek.  Actually Kent Brook is the name of the stream while Fred Smith's name was given to the adjacent road.  Geologists from various colleges have spent time exploring various natural features, but to my knowledge have never focused on the entire Unadilla River.  Having read some of their publications, I have an opinion about the formation of this stream.  It drains a small area and natural drainage would have never cut this steep sided gorge.  Glacial meltwater would have created a volume of water that would have been able to open this feature.  That this stream is little known makes it all the more special to me.

Running water and forming ice sometimes create visually interesting features as shown in these two pictures.  Some small measure of common sense and a very steep bank have so far kept us safely away.


Recently, this new bridge appeared where a former bridge was demolished and not replaced.  Low traffic here made replacing what had been a single lane bridge financially irresponsible many decades ago.  The original stonework for that long lost bridge is visible under the end of the new footbridge.  I could not understand how local government would spend the money needed to build this foot bridge.  Very little was done to provide parking for the cars necessary to bring pedestrians here and this area is thinly populated.  Only questions remain.



The Town of Guilford has captured and held the attention of a business looking for an area to erect windmills larger that any presently in use.  Few pay attention to the operation of local government until its actions threaten life in the community.  These numerous huge windmills have captured the attention of our locals.  Government approval followed by disapproval has not marked the end of the project as shown by these new signs.  It may be that the windmill project has not breathed its last breath here.  Some guilt is felt by using the bribe bridge to take my pictures, but it is there and the otherwise hidden stream can now be seen.  Other footprints were left in the snow cover ahead of my visit today.  It will be interesting to see just what happens next but I expect that the end of the issue is not in sight.

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Beth at PlantPostings said...

What a fascinating place, and I agree that ice and snow can create interesting formations and landscapes. We've had similar weird weather lately. Warm, and then very cold, and then back again. And way below the amount of average snowfall. I'm not complaining about that, though, as long as we have just a bit to blanket the plants.