Saturday, September 19, 2020

First Frost 2020

As expected we found frost covering the ground this morning.  It appears that there are many different forms displayed by frost.  The valley fog may be frozen and it disappeared quickly.  The lawn grass received a uniform white coating without regard for slope or location.  This is unusual since fog typically pours out of the notch and flows downhill.  The depressed areas are usually covered with a heavier coating while higher ground receives less.

We commonly enjoy searching for interesting formations of frost crystals along the edges of wild berry leaves or on the wall stones.  None of that was found today as the frost formed as a blanket.  NOAA predicts more frost for the next several nights so we will be out and about checking out the new deposits.  We never knew that frost was this complicated.  Sometimes it is incredibly beautiful.

 Our rescued basil plants spent the night on the basement floor.  These plants were simply pulled from the ground and placed in the dish pans.  Soil was packed over the exposed roots then a generous amount of water was added.  Who knew that rescuing tender plants could be this easy.  We do not expect to have fresh pesto for Christmas dinner but these containers will supply basil as it is needed.  It is not often that a seventy-six year old learns something new.  The question will be will it be remembered next year.

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Beth at PlantPostings said...

Wow, that is beautiful! Too early, but beautiful!