Sunday, December 9, 2018

Upperville Falls

This natural treasure can be easily seen from the Quaker Settlement Road bridge near the intersection with NYS Route 80.  Finding a safe place to park at this time of year is another issue.  Driving into the plowed snowbank is not usually a smart move but the uphill climb going in made backing out easy.

Little remains of the early settlement here.  This part of New York State was settled by people moving southward from the Mohawk River Valley forming the L shaped lowland.  River transportation to this general area made the trip from New York City possible. Steep hills limited the potential of this specific area making travel in or out difficult.  This eight foot waterfall still shows signs of is use to power an early mill.  A channel was cut into the bedrock above the falls directing water flow toward the somewhat open area to the right.  Only occasional chunks of well rusted metal mark the likely location of the mill.

This highway bridge marks the limit of my exploration of this stream.  Pleasant Brook makes a long occasionally steep drop to the distant Chenango River  where wide flat valley farms still exist today.  More waterfalls are likely to exist near here but no safe legal access presents itself.  Falling down while trespassing is a totally no win situation but different seasonal pictures taken from this bridge still might be seen here in the future.


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