Thursday, September 27, 2018

Two Late Monarchs

Here we have two  late Monarch chrysalises.  This one is hanging from a leaf on Ed's Lime Frost Daylily.  This week the weather has been cool and we have had lots of rain.  As you can see this chrysalis is wet.  We are still seeing Monarch butterflies in the garden, but time is getting short because the flowers are almost gone.

 When I was out in the garden weeding on the last sunny day we had, I found a Monarch caterpillar curled up on the soil looking like it might be dead.  I carefully picked it up and laid it on a stone in the garden path to see if the warmth of the sun would make a difference. It did!  We decided to take it inside.  I found some nice green milkweed.  Most of the milkweed has gone to yellow.  Many plants have dropped their leaves.  Ed put in the two sticks.  The next day it was raining hard all day.  The caterpillar did not seem interested in eating.  He wanted to climb up and find a place to hang.  We did not see it attach, or shed its skin, but we did get to watch it wiggle and change losing its ridges and smoothing out from bottom to top.  AMAZING!  It will be interesting to see if we have too late Monarchs or two late Monarchs.

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