Sunday, April 2, 2017

Delights Of Early Spring

Oh wow, spring has finally arrived in the garden.   There are buds forming everywhere but these coltsfoot buds are right next to two bright cheery yellow flowers.  These two flowers are just the beginning.  Leaves will follow the flowers.  Then seed heads resembling dandelions will form.

This native plant is a tough customer. We also find it growing from the sometimes worked face of the gravel bank.  It comes up early, grows in ditches and out of cracks in pavement.  These are growing in the stones at the base of the house foundation on the north side.  I was so happy to see them!

Blue Siberian Squill buds are a promise of beauty to come.  The buds are still tight to the ground.   It doesn't take a plant expert to tell the this plant is an alien.  That is fine with me!  I love this plant's little blue flowers with blue pollen!  They are begging to be weeded.

Frequently the first flowers of spring are snow drops.  These were up in February and have been waiting under new snow.  Most of the snow is now gone.  We have had some sun and the buds are opening at last.

Right next door are the winter aconites.  I can actually see these from the house providing I use my binoculars.  After all the white snow, yellow flowers are a delight!

The blossoms look so delicate, but don't be fooled.  Spring ephemerals are tough customers.

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