Monday, February 13, 2017

WARNING! Snow In February

Snow here in February is hardly news.  Still this storm has had its moments.  Ed spent his entire morning rearranging the snow.   Not wishing to be really snowed in, clearing the lane to the road was his main objective.   The snow was heavy and hard to push with his plow!  Using the snowblower and blowing snow when you have blowing snow is quite the chilling experience.  I admit it looked pretty funny to me watching from inside the warm house.  Sometimes Ed  and the snowblower would disappear in a big swirl of white.  With his plow, snowblower, shovel and determination, Ed was able to reach the road.  He did all this before lunch!

At one point today I saw a bald eagle flying just above the river.  With all of the white snow falling, I knew it was a bald eagle because  all I could see was that large brown body and flat wings.  His head and tail were invisible against all that white.  True the lane is not completely free of snow.  The UPS truck would never attempt our snow covered hill,  but Ed still takes it as a challenge.  Ed and his truck made it back up the hill with ease!  Tonight as darkness falls, the snow continues. Ed is tired but he had a great day!

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