Monday, March 7, 2016

Off To A Fantastic Start

This is the kind of March day we have been waiting for.  No longer frigid, the wood anemone flowers are open and look happy.  Today was perfect for getting out there in the garden.  Ed started the morning working on removing the trees and brush under the electric wires.  I decided to work close to the house.  The sky was blue with a few fluffy white clouds, but the wind was blowing  pretty hard from the south.   I looked for a spot to work that was a little sheltered from the wind.

Ready for something different, Ed cut back one clump of the Siberian Iris .  This one is Lavender Bounty. We leave the dead foliage in place for its insulative value during winter.  Removing it now before new growth appears avoids the disappointment of cutting off new growth tips.  When he was working on the Roaring Jelly plants  he discovered the beginnings of a rabbit nest in the crown of the plant.  If that bunny is smart she will move on and build her nest elsewhere.  When it comes to rabbits Ed roots for Mr. McGregor  while I'm a softy, but even I have my limits!  No rabbit is welcome in the garden but baby bunnies are a particular nuisance.  They can slip right through my wire fencing.  Nothing is safe from their meal time.

I had a fabulous time clearing under the Clove Currant bushes.  Wild white asters really took over this bed.  The plants are still there. They are a weed, native plant that grows incredibly well here.  I feel like I accomplished a great deal this morning.  I also got to see 7 different flocks of geese fly over heading north. They we so high up that they were tiny. Their honking was still loud enough to make me look up from my work.

After lunch and a short nap, Ed and I both headed back outside.  Clouds had moved in but it was still too nice to stay inside.   First, Ed drove to the back to clean out the rest of the bluebird boxes.  Having seen a pair of bluebirds house hunting, that job could be put off no longer.   I worked removing the stems from  red bee balm.  It's fragrance filled the air while I worked.  Wow it's good to be back in the garden!  When he returned we both worked on the bed in front of the house.

Ed's work displaced the first snake of the season.  It was a small garter snake with a bright red tongue.  He was not happy.  Clearly Ed was between him and where he wanted to go.  When Ed moved away  we both watched in amazement as the snake disappeared down a small space between the house foundation and the stone path.  I will be watching for him since he has distinctive markings just behind his head.  It will be neat to see how much he grows if he manages to avoid the milk snakes that live here too!

We worked until we were both very tired and spent some time sitting on the bench together.  Tomorrow is another day.  We are off to a fantastic start!


Beth at PlantPostings said...

Happy spring! The snakes and bugs and butterflies are out now. It's really happening. Your Winter Aconites are beautiful!

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Amazing how far ahead you are there...we finally warmed up and the snow melted...some bulbs just beginning but everything is so wet here...and more rain predicted for the next 2 weeks at least....I can't wait to get out to work in the garden! Happy Spring!!