Friday, January 15, 2016

January Thaw

Winter in upstate New York displays several different faces.  A warm spell is so common during this month that it has a recognized name.  Most winters snow is so deep by mid January that some melting is much appreciated.  This year there is little snow on the ground now.  My neighbors likely thought me slightly batty when I plowed for only the second time this morning.  Never one to allow public opinion to shape my actions, I thoroughly enjoyed time working outside in mild air.

We are due for a propane delivery soon.  It seems only prudent for me to keep my uphill driveway clear of snow.  In the past my pickup truck has slid backwards down this section of driveway.  That long slide with almost no control remains a memorable experience that should not be repeated.  The gas truck must be guaranteed safe passage.  The picture was taken earlier today.  With bits of gravel exposed to the warming sunlight, there is more open roadway exposed by now.  The softened tire tracks will provide needed traction.

It might appear that I have gone overboard considering the width of the plowed path.  My little lawn tractor equipped with not much of a plow cannot push mountains of snow to the side.  A wide clear area will give me a place to put future snowfall since it will of necessity be deposited inside of the present plow ridges.

For now, we are in good shape.  The lane is clear for the gas truck.  With this next delivery we will have a sufficient supply to carry us through the worst of a typical winter.  It makes us feel secure to know heat will be ours for most of the remaining winter even without another delivery.  Seeing just how low the price of propane has fallen will likely bring a warm smile.  

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Indie said...

Heat is definitely important! We finally had a good couple of inches last night, so the snowblower was brought out this morning for the first time this winter. My plants will at least appreciate the good covering of snow, though! It was very strange when we kept getting freezing cold days alternating with rain.