Monday, September 14, 2015

Better Late Than Never

Evening scented stock, Matthiola longipetalta bicornus is one of my very favorite fragrant garden plants.  A favorite from gardens years ago, it has fallen from favor.  In my experience it is not easy to find seed and not easy to get packaged seed to grow.  It has successfully self seeded here for years but not last year  and not this one.  I found seeds available from Select Seeds.   I tried planting seeds, but this year has been a total disappointment.  After we pulled the peas in this bed, I planted the rest of my purchased seeds hoping for a miracle of sorts.  Things being what they are with us right now the seeds were left to tend themselves.  Among the weeds are 3 evening scented stock plants all in a row just like I planted them.

Yesterday there were a couple of open flowers, the aroma was lovely, but it was so dark and cloudy by the time they were open a picture was impossible.  Today I went out while the sun was still shining.  New flower buds are poised ready to open after the sun sets.  The fragrance and nectar of these tiny pink four petaled flowers are saved for pollinators that fly after dark.  Floating on an evening breeze, the fragrance of just a few flowers will fill this gardener with delight.  It was chilly this morning.  The heat came on in the house.  If I am to have fresh seed this year I will have to pot up these plants and put them in a sunny window hoping that they will continue to bloom and produce some fresh seed.  Many times I have transplanted them in the spring to give to gardening friends.  I wonder if they will take the move inside now?  If they do my house will be pleasantly perfumed in the evening, if not I'll likely buy more seeds and try again in the spring.  These tiny treasures are worth the effort!

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