Friday, August 28, 2015

A Gardener's 50th Anniversary

Four years ago Ed gave me very special flowers for my 46th anniversary.  For our 50th the flowers are in the garden.  True you have to look for them among the lush weed growth, but who would not be thrilled with this huge red hibiscus that displays so much beauty for just one day?

The Gloriosa daisies given to me by of a dear friend years ago are almost past and gone to seed, but this beautiful flower is just getting started. It gives me a warm glow to look at it!

After all the years of letting these flowers reseed, this year I got this rare flower.  I have never seen one colored like this before.

The garden is filled with red cardinal flower now. It provides me with hours of enjoyment watching hummingbird antics in the garden.  No movie, concert or other night out on the town would give me more enjoyment.

Garden heliotrope not only comes in my favorite color, its "cherry pie" fragrance pleases more to me than some exotic perfume at any price!

Fresh picked corn, ripe tomatoes warm from the sun, new potatoes freshly dug from the garden are more delicious than food the best restaurant can provide.  This may all sound corny, but it is true!

 I thought I wanted a big garden party to celebrate our 50th Anniversary, and I guess I did, but now I'm so happy that Ed and I are still here together to enjoy the garden, weeds and all.  The rest just doesn't matter!


Beth @ PlantPostings said...

Happy Anniversary! Yum, that sweet corn looks tasty! I hope you had a great day!

Unknown said...

Happy belated anniversary!