Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Japanese Water Iris

The magic of Iris Ensata is apparent in this photo.  A tightly wrapped flower bud is about to open into a complex broad blossom.  Hours have been devoted to trying to catch the moment of unfurling but it has yet to be seen.  Nearly daily rain has limited our time in the garden this month and the weeds are growing explosively.  We have no time to stand around waiting for these flowers to open but it must look mystical.

This beauty has been with us for several years.  We were able to lever it out of the ground and divide it in the past.  A five foot pry bar and a 4 inch square block of wood multiplied my arm force sufficiently to raise the entire plant up from the ground.  Its root mass extended under the dry stone wall that serves as the foundation for the shed.  Passing time has left its mark and I am unsure if uprooting this plant can be repeated.

Five different times we ordered new plants.  All are single despite catalog pictures showing doubles.  That is fine with us since the relative simplicity of a single flower displays the complex beauty of these plants.  Time of open flowers is a disadvantage here.  Flowers last only slightly longer than day lilies.  In both instances, it seems a shame that such exquisite beauty should exist for only a brief moment.

As mentioned, the weeds have really taken hold of our garden.  However, if one's focus is directed toward the open flowers, then weeds seem to disappear.  Nothing can detract from the visual impact of this pure white flower.  Late June is made special here by these Japanese Iris.


Indie said...

Love that purple one, so pretty! At least I think the foliage of Japanese iris are striking and add something to the garden, as the blooms are sadly so short-lived! I haven't had nearly as much rain as you, but the weeds are surging up nevertheless. They just seem to thrive no matter what!

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Weeds are taking over here too due to daily rain....and I am awaiting my Japanese iris blooms...it is usually me looking out one day and saying, 'Oh my they have finally opened' and then running out to photograph them...