Wednesday, December 24, 2014

No Snow

Winds from the south have brought us warm air temperatures and warm rain.  With that, the snow is gone and the ground is softening.  All of the plants will be fully exposed when the winds change direction and come to us from the north.  There is nothing to do for them so we wait for seasonally correct weather to find us once again.

There is always an opportunity to take advantage of prevailing conditions to make a task easier.  The new stone for the rock garden in progress was found uphill on the back side of the gravel bank hill.  A generous layer of wet fallen oak leaves provided for an easy pull for me to a point where the truck could do the hard work.  The end of season bargain snow sled once again was up to the task of supporting the rock as it was pulled across the uneven ground.  The only scary moment was when the stone was pulled downhill into the sled.  I needed it to come to rest in the sled and not continue rolling toward me.  Fortunately it stopped in the sled.

The stone was rolled into the pile where it will wait for its turn for another downhill move into the rock garden.  At the conclusion of the job no cracks were found in the sled and the ageing man is moving without pain. A chance to get some garden work done this late in December just feels good.

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Beth at PlantPostings said...

I agree--it feels good. Same weather experience in Southern Wisconsin lately. I can't believe I was raking in mid-December. Good thing, because the cold and snow we had in November kept me from raking last month, so I needed to catch up. Happy Holidays!