Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring Run

Yesterday featured clear skies and comfortable temperatures.  This morning found exposed ground frozen hard again with a wake up temperature in the mid twenties F.  Still, cloudless bright skies pulled me outside for a walk.  Snow that lingers is now frozen solid enough to support me.  Walking is much less strenuous when feet do not penetrate into the snow pack.  Attention to detail is still necessary as ice is everywhere.

Our pond was nearly empty when I last visited it.  Today the spring that keeps it full most of the year had started to run.  Just under the surface of the ground, heat has found its way close enough to the top to allow the water to flow.  Where I was standing to take the photo is usually underwater.  We will watch to see how soon the pond refills.

This is the first time that I have seen standing water on this pasture.  The depression in the ground is obvious but deep gravel usually carries away rain or melt water before a pool can form.  Frost still sealed the ground when recent rain fell on melting snow.  Had I ventured out onto the ice, I would probably found it unsupported as the water has now worked its way into the ground.  The child still within wanted a slide but the old man did not want to risk a fall in this remote location.

Apparently, our right of way users took advantage of the disappearing snow cover to try and visit their land.  Finding the upper section of the lane blocked by both deep snow and ice, a return to the highway was mandated.  How does one turn their vehicle around on a narrow right of way?

They back their truck onto the field of their neighbor.  The same neighbor that is regularly blocked from turning his truck around in their field by a barricade. Where the lane ends at their field's edge, a barricade bearing a posted sing and warning that firearms are always in use blocks anyone from entering.  They have to stop their truck, move the barricade, stop their truck again to replace the barricade.  Since I am the only other person that ever drives the right of way, I feel that it is intended that I never set foot or wheel onto their land.  I sense inequity here.  Common courtesy and consideration should run both ways.  One never knows when he will need a helping hand from his neighbor.

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