Monday, June 4, 2012

A Close Look at Iris, Photos by Amy

It's fun to focus the camera on the incredible colors and intricate patterns of iris in bloom.  Here  velvety blue petals of 'Silver Edge', Siberian iris, make a beautiful  home for a flower spider, Masumena vatia.

This spider is supposed to be able to change colors to match its surroundings.  Apparently white to yellow is common.  Here the spider looks to me like it has a definite tinge of blue.

I love this shot of Mom's iris.  The velvety purple petal with white streaks and a delicate white edge combine with  ruffled white petals to make a gorgeous photograph.  Amy captured everything but the fragrance.

'Ego' is a perfect name for these deep blue iris.  There is nothing shy about these frilly blossoms.  Perhaps we can consider the black bug in the lower right of the picture to be a beauty mark added to accent the lovely curve of the nearby petal.

Blue flag, Iris versicolor, is a native here in New York.  It is a slender wild relative, but it still shows the deep color and intricate patterns to rival its many well bred iris cousins.

This overhead shot really shows off the gold pattern on the lower petals.  Nature comes up with fascinating designs.  The petals have been nibbled on by some insect.  Most of the iris flowers are experiencing insect attack.  2012 in the Stone Wall Garden appears to be the year of the insect!

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petka said...

Your Iris are amazing! Blue, uuuah :-)