Thursday, December 8, 2011

First Snowfall

Winter storm warnings were the main feature of yesterday's weather stations as a large system worked its way northward along the Atlantic coast.  Wet heavy snow is delivered here by storms that come from the south.  We were lucky as the accumulation was small with no wind.  The electric power remained on and all that we really need do is enjoy the views from our windows.  In the first picture the view from the living room window is to the southeast.  The snow covered garden is on its own now.

Here we are looking northeast from the kitchen door.  Our driveway crosses from left to right and curves inside of the line of trees.  Normally this scene would feature furious activity of Ed clearing the road of snow.  Today we will leave the snow as it fell.

Looking west is one of our favorite views.  The pines were planted decades ago by the farmer's son as a 4-H project.  The ground is steeply sloped here and of little use in farming.  These trees create an incredible view and insulate us from highway noise from state route 8 across the valley.

Solar warmth held by the stone patio has already melted some of the snow.  The ground is wet from recent rainfall and remains unfrozen.  Temperatures in the 40's are predicted for Sunday so all of this snow should have melted by then.  Our gravel driveway is also soft from warm rain so our choice is to leave it alone.  Any attempt to plow would remove surface gravel along with snow. A trip out today will mean driving on the snowy driveway. We have 4 wheel drive transportation here for a reason.  The Town road is likely to be snow covered. It usually spends the winter that way, but after a mile of winter driving practice we will arrive at Route 8 and can expect the road to be clear . The most exciting part of the trip will be getting back up the driveway. It will add a bit of excitement our day!


Beth at PlantPostings said...

Beautiful, peaceful, calming snow. It looks like a warm blanket for your plants.

me ann my camera said...

Oh Dear, Its so beautiful and white! and my memory tells me its cold too! Not yet please, Its too soon! Snow has had a few fits and starts here but has not resulted into anything lingering. What I have noticed is a few of our plants plants yielding green growth. My poppies are getting quite green leafed looking. I hope that doesn't harm their growth in the spring?