Friday, April 8, 2011

Hiding In Plain Sight

When we first moved here , I was delighted to discover trailing arbutus. I recognized the aroma immediately and searched until I found the plants. I got right down on the ground to get a good whiff of its lovely perfume. For several years we have been unable to find any sign of the trailing arbutus plants. Yesterday afternoon Ed was hacking back the growth along the lane to the gravel bank.  Japanese honeysuckle and briers have been making the opening smaller with every passing year. Just picture the growth around Sleeping Beauty's castle. For Ed to drive his new truck to the gravel bank a reopening was necessary.  As I walked down the newly reopened road way admiring his work, something green  peeking out from under the leaf litter  caught my eye . Hallelujah, It was trailing arbutus!


There it is, growing right at the base of a small spruce tree. In truth the plant never moved. It was hidden right there all the time. We couldn't find it because the area around it had become overgrown. We were simply looking for it in the wrong place.

You can be very sure I won't lose track of this plant's location again. I don't want to miss my chance to experience the fabulous fragrance of this plant's spring flowers. It is sometimes called Mayflower after the month in which it ususally blooms.  A walk to the gravel bank every day will be good for me, and if those fragrant flowers make an appearance I won't miss them again!

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Donna said...

fab find...I have been trying to get it to take hold...maybe someday