Friday, February 4, 2011

February Gardeners Trapped Indoors

Early this morning the sky was crystal clear, overhead filled with stars. Now the sun is streaming in the windows and the sky is blue and cloudless. It would be a perfect day to be outside except that it is COLD! When the temperature drops below zero it's time to find something to do inside. I felt the need to weed. This pot of lemongrass in the basement had some nice big weeds growing against the basement window. They turned out to be lady's bed straw and dead nettle. I pulled them and composted them . Boy that felt good!

I got my nippers and gave that lemon grass a haircut. Next I cultivated the soil in the pot and  watered the plant. I don't know if the lemongrass feels better, but I know I do.

Ed takes a different approach. He misses his plants, but he really misses his stones. We don't bring stones in for the winter so he just makes his own. If he keeps at this he'll have a small stone mountain!

He doesn't stop at mountains of course. Plants are part of the scene too. Some of the trees Ed made using "Autumn Joy" sedum  from the garden. Many of the plants are as artificial as the mountains.

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