Monday, January 28, 2008

Catalog Dreaming

The compost still has to go out, hence the tracks in the snow, but we are inside looking at seed catalogs.  Every year the catalogs start arriving earlier.  They get little attention from me at that point. Next year's garden is too far away.   Of course a few get weeded out immediately.  Ones that have given me past bad results, or catalogs with colors that are so intense as to be surreal, hit the compost (Oops) recycling right away.  They are much like those nasty weeds that you recognize when they are small and pull as soon as you see them.  The others are saved for later.  I love to leaf through them now, when the promise of spring holds so much potential for this year's garden.

The stack is impressive.  My husband chooses the vegetable seeds while I look at the flowers and herbs.  Some companies like Stokes, and Johnny's Selected Seeds get an order every year.   Others like Seeds of Change, Richter's, Select Seeds get orders in rotation to make sure we get their catalog. We don't want to get taken off their mailing list. (It is possible isn't it?) The rest of the stack remaining, contains catalogs we have ordered from before and might this year, and my favorites, totally new ones. I'm staring at a new one called van Bourgondien. It has a "$25.00 worth of products free" offer.  Could they have something wonderful that my garden just can't be without?  Can I resist the temptation?  It's time to get started.  Choices must be made.  When spring finally arrives, we have to be ready!

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