Saturday, June 30, 2018

How Sharp Is This?

I was standing at my kitchen sink working on our latest batch of strawberry freezer jam when this black and white critter waddled by the window.  I knew what it was as soon as I saw it.  The animal's  gait reminded me of an inchworm.  It made a hump as it brought its back feet up to meet the front  paws and then stretched out flat as it moved its front feet forward.  It was moving right along, but I had no difficulty finding the camera, setting the zoom, getting the length of the house and out to the porch to snap this photo.  I was desperate to have a picture to prove that I actually saw it.  I might have tried for a second shot, but I was in my bare feet and chasing after a porcupine in bare feet seemed totally stupid.  What I got was a rear view of a porcupine, a black animal with stiff white quills.   Frequently I have seen porcupines dead along the road  and many years ago  Ed and I drove by one up in a tree next to the road but that was miles from here.  This is not the first porcupine seen at the Stone Wall Garden though.  One was seen here in the evening on May 31 2010.  Evening is when they are usually out and about.  I wonder where this one was going on such a hot sunny day?  I plan to study and learn how to read the signs to track a porcupine.   I would really like to see this one again!

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