Saturday, May 5, 2018

Happy Spring Flowers, Photos By Amy

Most of the Pink Trout Lilies had passed their prime, but that didn't keep Amy from getting a great photo of this lovely Spring flower.

The Magnolia we planted has it tough here in zone 4.   I had some doubts that we would get any flowers at all from this  plant with our erratic spring weather, but I was tickled pink that the first flower opened today.   Planted especially for Amy, it flowered on cue when she was here to see it!

How about a close-up of those perfect pink petals?  It looks perfect!

Trailing arbutus flowers are a big spring happening for us.  We love those pictures that include gorgeous plants and interesting stones!

This is my favorite photo this time.  It's never easy to choose, but the sunlight through the leaves and the fascinating shape of the soon-to-open Virginia Bluebells make this one a work of art!

We planted these Guinea-Hen Fritillaries  in the spring of 2010.  It is wonderful to see them again.  Those snakeskin patterned flowers would catch anyone's eye.

When Sara gave me this plant she called it Trout Plant.  It is a Lungwort and has flowers that open pink and then turn blue.  This weekend was a whirlwind visit.  I'm so happy that Amy got some Spring Flower Photos to share!

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