Thursday, March 1, 2018

A Bad Case Of Spring Fever

It seems with each passing year Ed and I have become more susceptible to a horrible case of Spring Fever.  The words, Hot to Trot, come to mind.  For example Ed has been out there weeding one of his garden beds.  He would have finished the entire bed, but the soil two inches down was still frozen solid as concrete and his hands got extremely cold and stiff.  The bed  looks great though!

I myself wander the garden with the camera looking for something good to photograph.  Just hearing a few birds sing makes me giddy.  When I heard and then saw a flock of Canada geese way up high flying North it made my heart soar.  It's not the geese.  They are here all winter.  We see them nearly every day, but they were flying North!  I found poufs of rabbit fur underneath Ed's Carolina rose.  The rest of the rabbit was gone.  I left it where it was. The fur that kept that rabbit warm will thrill nesting birds when they show up here in the garden!

I love rose campion and this plant is looking spectacular.  I did notice a few bunny berries in the picture and a few of the leaves have been nibbled, but this plant is poised for springs arrival.  This is its year to bloom.  I can close my eyes and see the lovely magenta flowers on fuzzy gray green stems.

 My dwarf Dutch iris frequently bloom in the snow.  Last year they did not bloom at all.  The leaves  that usually come after the flowers grew big and tall and fed the bulbs.  I expected to see buds this year and when I checked the bed I was so thrilled to see them I felt warm all over.  We are not too concerned about our overblown case of spring fever.  Unless the weather forecasters are completely wrong, Mother Nature is going to cool our jets with a healthy layer of  heavy snow.  For gardeners Spring Fever has no cure,  but I think  the snow will make us chill out at least until it starts to melt!

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