Thursday, February 8, 2018

More Beautiful Snow

I could hardly wait to bundle up and get outside with the camera.  Let's see, there's the long underwear, another layer of long pants and a fleece top,  waterproof snow pants, my big coat, one furry hat and another wool hat with ear flaps, warm socks, boots, gloves and of course the camera. 
When I stepped outside the kitchen door I noticed the muffled quiet that a new snowfall brings. Everything looks so beautiful, fresh and white!  Right away it was the snow itself that got my attention.  I don't know what the Eskimos would call this light fluffy snow, but I love the way you can see the flakes on the surface of the mound of snow!

The hydrant that we use for water in the garden stands stiffly waiting in the snow.   My Tibetan prayer flags  show  the only tiny bit of color in the clean cold whiteness. 

I was captivated by the way the snow piled up on the railing right outside my kitchen door.  In some places the snow stands straight and tall, but here it has curled over like a cold ocean wave, frozen in time.  The snow clings to itself,  defying gravity until the warmth of the sun  or a strong wind causes it to fall.   Two things made me return to the warmth of the house.  One was the fact that  I could only walk in the places where Ed had already cleared the snow.  Many delightful photo ops were simply out of my reach.  The other is that the wool fingerless gloves that I need in order to operate the camera properly were no longer keeping my hands from hurting.

I'm not unlike these gorgeous nutmeg scented geranium flowers growing against the window.  I'm happy to be inside where it is warm, but I am still drawn to the bright  white light and the promise of  Spring in spite of the cold!  I really had to disturb this plant to get my picture.  Its spicy fragrance lingers on my still slightly cold hands. 

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