Thursday, July 16, 2015

Peas Are Past. Pink Poppies Are Present!

There was a time when we tried to grow a substantial amount of our food in the garden.  Those days are in the past.  Each day is still 24 hours long but we accomplish less and less with each passing year.  Our focus has shifted to a few memorable meals in season.  Snow peas are at the top of the list for great meals.  This year the late frost with a freeze really hit the peas hard.  Three different plantings are made several days apart.  The smallest peas were hit the hardest.  Then the rains came.  We did not spend those few precious clear days pulling weeds.  Now we have a mess like this.  We did get several excellent meals with the snow peas but it is time to clean up.

Becky's pink poppies are always mixed in with the weeds.  We can always count on them for color after the vegetable plants are pulled.  Hand weeding is almost a religious experience here.  This morning was full of pleasant time well spent.

The mess is gone and these poppies of various ages will keep this bed in flower for many weeks.  Our resident mother turkeys with their ten youngsters would love to roll in the loose dirt.  Five circular cages were placed in the more open places to discourage their entrance here.  The area within the cages received flower seeds that we never got around to planting.  We do not know if anything will come of the late planted seeds but our chances are better than simply leaving the seed in their envelopes.  Turkeys get up early!  The outer cage wire will be put back in place before dark.  We want the pink poppies to be safe in their bed.

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