Friday, June 19, 2015

Beautiful Moments In The Garden

There's so much to do in the garden now!  It's nice to stop for a few moments and appreciate some of the incredible beauty there.  A Skipper loves the delicate blue Amsonia flowers and so do I!  Skippers flit about the garden all the time, but it is a rare treat to catch one still enough for a photograph.

Pink Ontherea and Dianthus co-mingle in the same space making a mixed pink bouquet right there in the perennial border.  No cutting is needed.

Rose campion with its pale grey foliage and magenta flowers makes a bold statement!  This striking volunteer is a plant I always let grow unless I have a reason to pull it.

Campanula portenschlagiana flows from the spaces in Ed's wall around the shade garden.  We could never have too many of these lovely lavender and white stars around!

Ahhh... Nothing is more satisfying than taking a moment to enjoy  freshly weeded red creeping thyme on Ed's stone patio.  It feels so good, I think I will do another patio today!

What can say about this picture?  Wow!  I guess in my fantasy garden I might have a lovely lady with the hens and chicks for a hat and the dew covered spider web for a veil over her face.  But this is our garden and reality is already perfect for us.  You could never count on a spider to cooperate anyway!

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Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Becky that last picture is stunning....I can see why you love just being in the garden as do I. I would love you to link in to my Seasonal Celebrations meme...appreciating the garden in this wonderful season! Just pop over to the blog or send me a quick email!