Saturday, July 5, 2014

Unnatural Selecton

It's pink poppy time again! These poppies come up every year from seed.  I'm just like Goldilocks when it comes to my pink poppies.  This one is nice, but it is too dark.

This one is pink, but it is a single and I know from my science classes taken so long ago that hybrids left to their own devices will return to type. I don't want that!

That is the reason that beautiful flowers must be pulled ASAP so that their pollen does not enter the mix.

This is the pink poppy I want. It is the one I found in my old garden years ago.  Every year I talk about pulling poppies. I hope I always will.  The original story of the poppies can be found HERE. That was my first post about pulling pink poppies.  I doubt if this one will be the last.

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