Friday, November 8, 2013

Snow, No Snow

It had to happen and today was the day for SNOW!!!  For awhile it really came down until the  grass and garden were covered with white.  Only the stone walls and paths stayed clear.

Later in the day the snow was completely gone.  It didn't really mean it this time.

This is the view out the west end of the house.  The snow was a combination of tiny round balls and huge flakes that stuck together.  The wind was really swirling them around.  Brrr!

Now the snow is gone like it was nothing more than a dream.  I'm kind of glad it's gone.  I'm not quite ready, but it's obvious time to get ready is getting short!


PlantPostings said...

Wow, you've had some snow! I'm sure it's going to happen to us soon, too. Right now, the cold air is sweeping down from Canada and brrrr is definitely how I'd describe it! Your before and after photos are fun!

Helen said...

What beautiful views. I can imagine they're beautiful in all seasons. We haven't had snow yet. It's a good thing, because the leaves on the trees by my house are only just falling -- and I need to shred them into a plant blanket before the snow comes. Thanks for dropping by our blog, Becky.

Helen said...

By the way, I have a lovely picture of you and Amy from the Buffalo Fling back in 2010. Let me know how I can email it to you.