Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sharp Frost

Transition time between two seasons can create scenes of wonder.  This morning we woke up to see air that looked like it was filled with frozen fog.  Conflicted between a desire for something hot to drink and wanting to be outside amid the splendor of the moment, I chose the hot drink.

The sun was just beginning to burn through the frost when I finally ventured out.  Air temperature then was at 30 degrees F.  Frost was not heavy on the ground still warm from yesterday's bright sunshine.  Blueberry leaves exposed to the currents of frosty air display both pebbly frosted surfaces and sharp spikes of frost formed on  leaf edges.

This weed of unknown variety is located in a spot where the air currents are strong.  Located at the base of the gravel bank hill, the stream of cold air must have poured around its edge.  Grass and leaf litter beneath it are nearly frost free while the weed has a generous coating of frost.

A blueberry branch has a heavy coating of frost spikes.  They look menacingly sharp and remained untouched.

A splinter on the split rail fence is heavily coated with frost while the surface of the rail is largely frost free.

Frost coats many surfaces exposed to the air.  Some frost is on the grass but the soil in the planting beds is frost free.  No frost on the massive stone wall is common when the preceding day was warm.

Someone smarter than I am might offer an explanation of the generous crystal growth on one side of the post in contrast to rather small deposits on the opposite side.  Moving air accounts for the difference but I have no idea which way the air flowed.  Clear skies are now visible overhead and all of this crystalline wonder is melting. Soon it will be completely gone.  The water will have evaporated and only these sharp frost pictures will remain.


FlowerLady said...

Beautiful photos. I love seeing the close ups of the frost too.

Have a great Thanksgiving.


Cynthia Walker Pickens said...

Beautiful frosty morning!