Thursday, October 25, 2012

It's Dreary But At Least It's Not Snow!

I was all set to moan and groan about our lack of sunshine.   It is true that we have been getting a lot of rainy days.  On days like today when the sun was supposed to shine, the morning fog has been thick hanging there for what seems like forever.  I thought I remembered warm sunny days in the garden at the end of  October.  When I searched through past years' October blog posts, instead of warm sunny days I found posts about snow.  The earliest was on the 16th in 2009, but every year since I started the blog we have had snow in October.  Maybe gray and dreary isn't so bad after all.
 We still have a little fall color in places.  Here a few red blueberry leaves still hang tightly onto their branches.  They have been joined  by  needles falling from a nearby white pine.

There is no doubt the sky is a dreary gray.  The plant you see outlined against the darkened sky is my passion flower vine.  It totally surprised me by still being green.  I thought our first spell of freezing weather would kill this vine like it did the moon flower and the jasmine.  I am pleasantly surprised.  Perhaps it will survive the winter planted so close to Ed's stone wall.

The emperor of China mum leaves are turning bright pink with color to rival the flowers.   I guess October rainy days are not so bad, but I'm still wishing for just a few more sunny days.  Tomorrow would be a great start!


Carolyn ♥ said...

Yesterday we had snow... but hey! Not so bad. It provided a great photo op for the few remaining blooms to strut their stuff. Snow melted and the sun was radiant. Today the promise of more sun. Winter was just giving us a tease.

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