Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Too Many Caterpillars, Not Enough Stinging Nettles

All of those Red Admiral butterflies laid a lot of eggs.  It was exciting to see them flitting around the nettle patch, and it has been fascinating to observe the behavior of the caterpillars.  But now it has become obvious that there are still more caterpillars and the nettles are running out.

Most of the nettle plants look like this.  The tops of the plants have more holes than Swiss cheese and the lower leaves are just gone with only stems remaining.  The early caterpillars made out well.  Some of these later ones will either have to find something else to eat or perish.  At least here this year's record number of Red Admirals is being limited by the available food supply.  That is Nature's way.  It is just hard to watch!

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