Friday, June 8, 2012

Still Wonderful When Wet

So far every day in June we have had rain.  Most days have been partly cloudy.  I know partly sunny is a more positive way to say that, but as a description of the weather it would not be anywhere near the truth.  Even here where our beds are as well drained as they come, anything you want to do in the garden is a muddy affair.  So far today actually is  partly sunny.  Imagine my delight when I saw this clearwing humming bird moth, Hemaris thysbe and  the flower spider, on Ed's 'Silver Edge' Siberian iris.  After getting soaked to the skin yesterday by a surprise shower, I had left the camera in the house.  I was so sure they would be gone by the time I got back outside, but it seemed worth the effort to try.  When I got back I had time to take just one picture before the hummingbird moth darted off.   I still remember when I saw my very first humming bird moth. I was fascinated.   Seeing one still fills me with delight.  Actually getting a good picture of one is priceless!

Amy's old friend , the flower spider  is not camera shy.  I think it looks bigger than it was  just four days ago.  Apparently the 'Silver Edge' iris is home for now.   The spider barely moved.  I would expect to find this spider right here as long as the flowers last.   It is very welcome in the garden.  With all this moisture,  bugs are everywhere.  I say stick around, eat all you can, have a family.  We can use the help!

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Ed said...

One has to wonder if that spider is thinking of eating the moth. It was seen later in the day munching on a small skipper butterfly.