Friday, June 29, 2012

Late June Lilies

Sweet Surrender is the name of this variety.  We have found it both hardy and attractive.  If these flowers were scented, this lily would be perfect.  Clear white petals marked with raised purple dots are pleasing to the eye.  Knowing that the flowers have no scent does not keep me from rechecking.  A brown pollen stained nose is all that I come away with.  Some of these bulbs spent the winter potted in the sod house.  This precaution was unnecessary as the plants left out in the garden came through fine.  The potted plant bloomed ahead of those in the garden.  We really need to get this plant in the ground.

L. Davidii has been with us for many years.  Late spring frosts have blackend its stems year after year.  Meager regrowth would send enough nourishment to keep the bulbs alive.  Winter in a pot followed by a tarp shield when needed, carried this plant to summer undamaged.  Its large bud count should keep the flowers coming for weeks.

Farolito was our first oriental lily.  Purchased as greenhouse forced plants, they had to be eased into sunlight and carried into the basement on cold nights.  Several years later we are still moving this plant into the house when needed.  Farolito is the first lily to emerge in the spring.  This is not an advantage for us since the in and out to avoid cold nights lasts for many weeks. We lost two of three plants to past spring frosts so this plant is the last of its kind .  Two flowering stems this year promise two full size bulbs for next year.  Color and fragrance combine to make this lily well worth the extra effort it requires.

Orange Electric has failed to meet expectations.  Stunted growth is all that it presents year after year.  It could be a short robust plant but that is not what happens here.  None of these bulbs were moved to the lily sod house last fall.  This spring it had to make do with plastic pail covers for frost protection. Its future here may be short as planting space is limited.

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